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My joy as an artist comes when I surprise myself, and those who view my work.

I love experimenting with graphics, composition, hue palettes and letter forms – combining, reimagining or simplifying elements. As my work evolves, I am discovering and uncovering the beauty, boldness, movement and rhythm of pure abstract forms. These simple elements have the power to create timeless imagery that can be interpreted in a fresh way with every viewing.

I currently work in mixed media/collage, which encompasses painting, printmaking, found images and mark making, all of which were influenced by my career in graphic design.

After studying visual communications at Grant MacEwan University and Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD), I worked as a graphic designer and as a design educator at ACAD. I was awarded a fellowship from the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada in 2001 and Lecturer Emeritus from ACAD in 2011.

I continue to enjoy teaching, hosting colour theory and composition workshops at my private studio on Vancouver Island, B.C.